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2020. 04. 02.
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Real Movie Name: Days and Nights on Earth
Writer / Director: Piyush Sharma
Starring: Chaarvi Dutta, Anuj Sen, Rishi Singh
Executive producer: Ishan Sharma
Producer: Piyush Sharma
Music by (original score): Shillpi Banerjee
Cinematography by: Vikas Indra
Film Editing: S. Srinivasan
Assistant director: Karan Raj Solanki

  • Its sooooo amazing , Sir ... This is what makes us believe in humanity and trust and the worthy ...... Love it 😍❤️

    Anjali JaiswalAnjali Jaiswal6 개월 전
    • yes it is very heart touching story an it is tru.

      Subhas SenSubhas Sen개월 전
    • Yeah say absolutely right

      Ritik PrajapatiRitik Prajapati2 개월 전
    • Wow, sir, it's true God bless u anywhere.

      Yimto YimYimto Yim3 개월 전
    • @Nihal Official ezd

      Md JibrilMd Jibril4 개월 전
    • Movie name plz ??

      Pooja MeshramPooja Meshram4 개월 전
  • what a fantastic Movie. Congratulations to director, Producer and especially the cast. Amazing.

    Michael FonsecaMichael Fonseca5 시간 전
  • Exceptional story....excellent direction , amazing dialogues and superb acting by both lead actors. I mean it's a perfect movie . Hats off to the entire team..

    HAMMER 579HAMMER 579일 전
  • Very inspiring.. For respecting girls and wifes... Heart touching 😍 love

    Sanjay Bishnoi RJSanjay Bishnoi RJ일 전
  • from where i can get this song at 34:50 Ranjha Jogida Ban Aya Ry....please share link with thanks.

    Umer CougarUmer Cougar일 전
  • Really appreciate 🙏 🙌

    black knightblack knight2 일 전
  • It's just awesome

    rohit rajrohit raj3 일 전
  • If I was there I would marry her bcz. I loved her thinking n all 😀😀😀

    Anmol RaiAnmol Rai4 일 전
  • This bitch is crazy and the guy's a douchebag. Perfect match.

    James BroffardskiJames Broffardski5 일 전
  • She said that 99% men would like to sleep with women but some of them r pure gay who never would like to sleep with women.

    Ved SharmaVed Sharma7 일 전
  • Waah iss bande ne mardo ka naam uncha kiya h

    mahesh palmahesh pal7 일 전
  • aadi film toh car main banai hai.

    Mehak BaluchMehak Baluch7 일 전
  • The men will be men

    Rama SunaniRama Sunani7 일 전
  • The man is a hypocrite. he wanted her to cheat and sleep with him when he thought she was married to someone else, and even when he told that he himself was married, he was giving her lecture on Sindoor etc... now when he comes to know that she does not believe in marriage itself and she is a call girl, and his wife is also dead... NOW he wants her to become sati savitri :)

    kulvir singhkulvir singh8 일 전
    • idiot he didnt wanted her to be sati savitri dekha nhi tune he was challenging her to wipe the sindoor,, he was just wanted her to leave the escort service

      Dhananjay ChandraDhananjay Chandra8 일 전
  • This guy gives us a example of 'real mard'🔥🔥🙏❣️

    5911 Records5911 Records9 일 전
  • Bhaut he bakwas movie

    Khusboo JeniKhusboo Jeni10 일 전
  • Great movie. Iloveyou rishi singh. All the way from philippines ❤❤❤

    Cj lhanz LeandroCj lhanz Leandro10 일 전
  • Bhai bakwas movie hai mat dekho yaar isase bakwas movie main apni life mein nahin dekhi

    Abrar AhmadAbrar Ahmad11 일 전
  • nice concept and acting of both is natural also looks gud with each other.

    Prakhar NigamPrakhar Nigam11 일 전
  • Super

    D.A.R.K_KNIGHT #001D.A.R.K_KNIGHT #00111 일 전
  • Sala sab problem Aabha ka hai... Yeah dono toh bekasoor hai.....

    rohit Vengurlekarrohit Vengurlekar11 일 전
  • Plz continue th story

    abhijit sawantabhijit sawant13 일 전
  • Its osm story...

    kamlesh barskarkamlesh barskar14 일 전
  • Its a tue reflection of society

    Education is BaseEducation is Base16 일 전
  • Nice concept!

    Khrismi ArasenKhrismi Arasen16 일 전
  • Yeah...that man was really good...of course.. I think... And the movie is good

    harishma thammineediharishma thammineedi16 일 전
  • Hello, good movie, I enjoy it 💜💫💜

    Apple SunriseApple Sunrise17 일 전
  • Wao....what a movie... 😍👌

    Banasmita SahariahBanasmita Sahariah17 일 전
  • Amazing story

    sangram chavansangram chavan18 일 전
  • So cute girl,she is ryt

    rajbir kaurrajbir kaur18 일 전
  • very nice

  • This drama is really hurting, how women are treated in the societies in genral. At the end of the story, I hoped he would offer her the money for her of one of her parent's surgery, and ask her for marriage. It' real a heart broken 😢😢

    Indian LilaIndian Lila19 일 전
  • इसके कम से कम 15 एपिसोड बनाने चाहिए थे

    Bhojraj KasanaBhojraj Kasana19 일 전
  • Gazab इसे और extend करना चाहिए था कहि भी बोर नही हुए इंटरेस्ट लेवल बढ़ता ही जा रहा था

    Bhojraj KasanaBhojraj Kasana19 일 전
  • thats not the option girl we all have a choice people fogot some *never guve up*

    funny Gfunny G20 일 전
  • I think very low cost... 5000 petrol ⛽️ only

    Ashfal paachi LueurAshfal paachi Lueur20 일 전
  • I really like the actor...if all the husband are like this...the world will be like almost heaven

    Man zaMan za20 일 전
  • mauka mila hai...

    Purnima Homeo HospitalPurnima Homeo Hospital21 일 전
  • Bravo to Mr. Piyush Sharma for an awesome story/screenplay, and big congrats to Ms. Charvi Dutta and Mr. Rishi Singh for fabulous "method" acting. The chemistry and the flow of the dialog between the 2 protagonists is so natural and sophisticated that you feel like you are eavesdropping on 2 smart-a** friends' conversation. I like the ending also, as it gives audience a longing for, or to use the movie's lingo, "thirsting for happiness". If I may, the only blot in the story I find is that, when Aarush does not find Yamini's name in the hotel log (46.24), like a normal guy, he does not call his cousin Aabha to find her phone number to call, instead books a room for himself. But then again, doing so would have made it difficult to bring all the pieces together at the end. Let me end by saying, for the Hollywood buffs, if you like Woody Allen movies like Annie Hall or Manhattan, you'd love this one. Again, really enjoyed it, and watched it back-to-back just to absorb the missing subtleties, which becomes obvious after knowing the full story.

    MacroFinance SuffMacroFinance Suff21 일 전
  • I love their dialogue .superb!

    Marbi DkharMarbi Dkhar22 일 전
  • Movie of real life but short story.

    Sujan RaiSujan Rai22 일 전
  • @latest Cinema Please share the song used in the movie " Ranjha Jogida" , can't find it anywhere

    Aman VermaAman Verma22 일 전
  • V. Good flum but sadly Men is Men he offered her job but can't make her his behalf... U can advise easily but when it comes to you suddenly philosophy come Society come ....ajib he...

    Mahuwa NathMahuwa Nath24 일 전
  • Nice storyline and good actors..

    håkon eugen gustavsenhåkon eugen gustavsen24 일 전
  • This type of girls can never be a woman, can never be matured, f illogical conclusions by her all the time. stupid nonsense girl.

    Judhajit RoyJudhajit Roy25 일 전
  • There are still men like him and think of the good side in life , the girl is so negative in facing her situation in life

    Rafael BuñoRafael Buño25 일 전
  • rishi sir great work. acting was superb charvi and rishi you both are awesome

    pawan ginnorepawan ginnore25 일 전
  • Excellent movie 😊🙏

    Medical GyanMedical Gyan26 일 전
  • Very nice and true of life's

    Chandrabhan singh MarkamChandrabhan singh Markam26 일 전
  • Send me like this

    Natural lifeNatural life26 일 전
  • when she said "Give me 100 educated men and i can make 99 sleep with me", It hit really hard, Im just 23 and unmarried, to be honest at this moment I'm afraid i might be one amongst those 99 men, but then I feel i must live a life of dignity, I want to be that one guy who would say "No" to her.

    Akanksh shettyAkanksh shetty27 일 전
  • Amazingly put together..! Makes us realize there is more depth to each and everyone's perspective!

    kuber kanganekuber kangane27 일 전
  • Great

    Tin MyoAungTin MyoAung29 일 전
  • Salute for the people behind this movie,great job..watching here from Philippines.

    Emily CabyaoEmily Cabyao29 일 전
  • love indian movies...

    Rich Crystal BelloRich Crystal Bello29 일 전
  • 💯

    Indrayani KarankalIndrayani Karankal개월 전
  • Dont watch....

    Lana MalangLana Malang개월 전
  • Pure Mature Mentality, Understanding Society, Male and women's.

    Rajnish KumarRajnish Kumar개월 전
  • What a realistic story of our social life..I just want to watch another like this.. Really appreciate to make this type of story line which can give us such type of amazing lessons.

    Sangram RoutSangram Rout개월 전
  • Movie nahi serial hai..waste of time..comments padkar chutiya ban gaye..kamino comments mei to jhoot mat likho

    Banana RepublikBanana Republik개월 전
  • From Philippines here..🖐🖐👋👋

    Rose DenilaRose Denila개월 전
  • Superrrrrrr

    KALEr jatTKALEr jatT개월 전
  • Such a amazing love it..

    Rean RemoRean Remo개월 전
  • If it was so easy to do such things with so much guilt....y it was difficult to shift to decent ways......

    Farhat AquilFarhat Aquil개월 전
  • Indeed very good story

    Yogesh KumawatYogesh Kumawat개월 전
  • Jo asha kiya tha woh dekhne ko hi nahi mila 😂😂😂😂

    sm adivasi loversm adivasi lover개월 전
  • The whole story is amazing but end is not good

    santoshsantosh개월 전
  • Love it this story

    SM. CHANNEL mishraSM. CHANNEL mishra개월 전
  • Super movie❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Nesa StalinNesa Stalin개월 전
  • बहोत ही बढीया story थी, अंत का scene मुझे मस्त लगा। , और हा, मे इस का continuation पसंद करूंगा pls 😃। n धन्यवाद

    Deva DivineDeva Divine개월 전
  • No comments..

    Dr. Gautam RoyDr. Gautam Roy개월 전
  • Gadu sale

    Amir KhanAmir Khan개월 전
  • Wanderfull love you all

    Alex LeslieAlex Leslie개월 전
  • Story 👍 👍👍 this Ossam story 👌

    P SP S개월 전
  • I really feel for all sisters who r in d same shoes as yamini. Male society is cruel and female tradition society is very cruel. A simple answer. Societal cruelty

    luna starrluna starr개월 전
  • What's her name???

    Vinit RaiVinit Rai개월 전
  • Nice movie, new subscriber here stay safe and healthy god bless.

    RolandBoholTVRolandBoholTV개월 전
  • It is full suspance...every time ufeel like age kya hoga ???

    Shalini SharmaShalini Sharma개월 전
  • Yamini beautiful movie

    Yamini NatamYamini Natam개월 전
  • Is like me traveling with a girl in long journey from school hhhhh

    kenny jordis iracaniyekenny jordis iracaniye개월 전
  • He was one of that hundred she could not woo. The last episode was very well said from the male protagonists point of view .

    Suramya RastogiSuramya Rastogi개월 전
  • super movie it's amazing yaar

  • Wow!It!s an amazing and lovely movie I have wached.It's a different one.I love it.

  • Heart touching.... Feeling

    Shahid jamshedpurShahid jamshedpur개월 전
  • ❤❤its great story🔥

  • Nice movie....

    J.M Chiangste.J.M Chiangste.개월 전
  • Lookd down ur finger's and observed if it's all the same or not way big NOO......😁😁😁😁

    m.k.victor brum.k.victor bru개월 전
  • Its really a good story, a true story where one face in life........

    Naro changNaro chang개월 전
  • Such a great story.😍 Respect a women 💕

    Tobey DaveTobey Dave개월 전
  • Kabir Singh movie de do bhaei😌😌

    Prince kumarPrince kumar개월 전
  • 54:25 durex 😱

    Invisible VoiceInvisible Voice개월 전
  • What an intresting story👍

    Zothanmawia riderZothanmawia rider개월 전
  • I am an engineer I went to a startup to start my career and I have seen an human in the form of animal who had a bad eye on all the girls (i guess meaning is understood) who were working under him, l left from there and joined another company and an around 50 year old budda started misbehaving with me and I spoke against it but as he was the director of the company no one stood with me to support again I left from there and found a company where the girls will be respected...... The fight of a girl to make her career upholding her ethics in this corporate world is not simple.

    Ashwitha ShettyAshwitha Shetty개월 전
    • Cool story

      James BroffardskiJames Broffardski5 일 전
  • Different and amazing movie I have seen... It's called reality... Aise insaan sobko nehi milte

    Sanchita MahantaSanchita Mahanta개월 전
  • Be a man like him guys....and girls/women don't be illogical like this women....she is so so illogical... depicting women just like a object...are yrr tum sirf waise mardon ke sath rehti ho jo auraton ko sirf object samjhte hai to u need to change your circle....and as you'll change your circle your thinking will change too

    Aditya SinghAditya Singh개월 전
  • Can we expect season 2

    Tripti SaxenaTripti Saxena개월 전
    • All off them expect it

      Satyam ChaubeySatyam Chaubey개월 전
  • wonderful movie

    Mahesh KaneriMahesh Kaneri개월 전
  • Nice yar I fill awesome all the film staff

    Geetom NathGeetom Nath개월 전
  • Who says man will be men. Some men are different. Great story..

    Ankit RaiAnkit Rai2 개월 전
  • Love this bold concept!....Enjoyed throughly!!...BRAVO.

    Kumar ThiruKumar Thiru2 개월 전