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2019. 12. 20.
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Writer / Director: Piyush Sharma
Starring: Charvi Dutta, Anuj Sen, Rishi Singh
Executive producer: Ishan Sharma
Producer: Piyush Sharma
Music by (original score): Shillpi Banerjee
Cinematography by: Vikas Indra
Film Editing: S. Srinivasan
Assistant director: Karan Raj Solanki

  • Well said dude..."you always have a choice"....its you who have to choose a way.

    SanjeevSanjeev일 전
  • Ab tumari nazariya badal geyi......sure, because what positives you are doing? is there any thing positive about ur karma?

    SanjeevSanjeev일 전
  • काश इस सीरीज का एक अंतिम पार्ट आता और इसमें सब कुछ सही हो जाता 🙏🙏

    Pankaj SewliyaPankaj Sewliya2 일 전
  • All story are same

  • Truly regards...🙏🙏

    Rajat SuGanDhaRajat SuGanDha3 일 전
  • just an amazing webseries

    510619099 Satyam_510619099 Satyam_5 일 전
  • Such a beautiful story it is the mirror of our society and thinking of people.. Its a time for HE

    Nikhil DubeyNikhil Dubey5 일 전
  • Be human by your choice.... Good concept

    utkarsh shuklautkarsh shukla6 일 전
  • sweet story yes its true in inner city in many places i think

    Md Riajul IslamMd Riajul Islam6 일 전
  • bande ne najriya badal diya

    Akil MdAkil Md6 일 전
  • But good content

    Rupesh RaagRupesh Raag7 일 전
  • When she told about men's fantasize , and so many things but he doesn't give her a proper answer. Look ,u can't save urself by these meaning- less ques If u truly love someone then you can get to her/him because it's natural yes, but it's not for common man it's for a good characters , do love someone then you get rid of these types of stuff because love directly connected with nature.

    Rupesh RaagRupesh Raag7 일 전
  • logaon ne boldiya ki raanda ho.... toh tum raanda bangai.....its not a philosophy....

    Sundar ShresthaSundar Shrestha7 일 전
  • Iss bande ne mardo ka naam uncha kiya h

    mahesh palmahesh pal7 일 전
  • Ye chutya chodna chodke......bate chod raha hai.......

    vikram Shindevikram Shinde7 일 전
  • Very nice

    Sunanda DasSunanda Das9 일 전
  • Awww what a web series.. Class with smart lesson

  • really awesome !!! Keep it up

  • most of person donot recoinge to self. and what is purpose of born in human life. in this time human have not more tolerate to any thing .human is big is big monster in every field in the earth.

    akash kumarakash kumar11 일 전
  • mast.. surprisingly nice.. doordarshan time ke naatak ki yaad aa gayi

    Gaurav AgrawalGaurav Agrawal11 일 전
  • Ye sb aiyash ladkia hain jo ladkia peeth me bacha bandhkar; mazdoori krti hain unse poocho mazburi. Feminist type ki ladkia sb aisi hi hoti hain; Ayeshi aur bc krne ko feminism kehti hain aur logics to itne ki lawyer tk sharma Jaye.

    Deepesh Singh SomDeepesh Singh Som11 일 전
  • mast series hai , rare to see such

    Abhishek RastogiAbhishek Rastogi11 일 전
  • Nice

    Ajish TirkeyAjish Tirkey11 일 전
  • All men are not same..He Proved thank God..

    Sonu Kumar SahSonu Kumar Sah12 일 전
  • Izzat Bacha gya Bhai Gentleman Bando ki..

    Shubham KumarShubham Kumar12 일 전
  • These kind of male species are extremely hard to find in this era....! Endangered species

    Nameeta MissNameeta Miss12 일 전
    • @Ayush Bhukania Because all wants to take advantage of the situation but that guy controls himself and never change his track. Even he also offered to yamini a job and Come back to the right track to change her even after drunk 2-3 cans of beer.

    • There are plenty if ur eyes are actually open. Believe me. God bless you.

      SanjeevSanjeev일 전
    • So Funny !!!

      Dev S PaulDev S Paul3 일 전
    • They r everywhere u just need eyes to see them

      Mountain MastiMountain Masti5 일 전
    • You think .

      Waseed khanWaseed khan7 일 전
  • Sandar story... A perfect man 1 out 100 aakhir laaj Rakh li men ki...👍

    ashish pooniaashish poonia12 일 전
  • really beautiful story. what a story man, beautiful played.

    Nikhil JibhakateNikhil Jibhakate12 일 전
  • kabhi kabhii lgta hai apun hi bhgwan hai

    Manoj KashyapManoj Kashyap12 일 전
  • Excellent story and nice movie

    R MR M13 일 전
  • Started this thinking this might be a time pass story/series but learned my lesson. Awesome story and amazing acting. Well done!!!!

    Jain MeetJain Meet13 일 전
  • waaaah

  • Something totally different...outstanding

    gaurav singhgaurav singh16 일 전
  • Brilliant. WOrth every frame every moment and every detail of it. Great story, brilliant execution. Very impacting.

    Manish MishraManish Mishra17 일 전
  • Ye cheez....mujhai laga ab gaya ab gaya ab gaya leken bandai nai control kia wa tha

    Khwaja M. TanzeelKhwaja M. Tanzeel17 일 전
  • beautiful story and a wonderful portrayal of that....well done!!

    vishal kaushikvishal kaushik19 일 전
  • This is not some type of time pass, I got many lessons.

    Fun TimeFun Time19 일 전
  • no sexual content nothing, not all men are same, a beautiful concept. but dear women, enjoying life doesnt mean rubbing your bodies with whoever you want to. thats not life, if thats what you think freedom is then please stay at home. its equally for both men and women. guyz wake up rubbing your bodies and penetrating in genitals is not freedom. dont waste your energies like that it isn't cool.

    P SurajP Suraj19 일 전
  • Gazab 👌👌👌

    Bhojraj KasanaBhojraj Kasana20 일 전
  • Kon kon lockdown me dekh raha hai

    shekhar lahaneshekhar lahane20 일 전
  • She said he is soo handsome the man looks like an ape

    COVID shettyCOVID shetty20 일 전
    • @Vinit Singh ty🤪😂🙏

      COVID shettyCOVID shetty10 일 전
    • Waah Hrithik Roshan

      Vinit SinghVinit Singh10 일 전
  • aha right. so he just left. rightttttt

    mehmehmeh lasmehmehmeh las20 일 전
  • Nice story.

    Raj kumarRaj kumar21 일 전
  • Wow.. Extremely fresh.. emotional and interesting story. Really loved it. Very nice acting, and plot.

    Dafli wale from IIMDafli wale from IIM21 일 전
  • Wow

    Akash BeckAkash Beck21 일 전
  • I really loved this

    Akash BeckAkash Beck21 일 전
  • maja aa gya bhai bhut achha laga

    Rahul SarkerRahul Sarker22 일 전
  • chutiya aurat mere office main bhi ladki hai waha to kuch aisa nahi hai aaj kjal instagram par unknown girl ko message kardo wo template bhejti video call ka itna nude pic ka itna sabke sath galat hua hai kia baaki jo aurte office m jakar jobkarti h wo pagal hai

    Raghuraj SinghRaghuraj Singh22 일 전
  • good writing of the script n dialogues

    Sugandhi JoshiSugandhi Joshi22 일 전
  • wonderful

    Yash SachanYash Sachan22 일 전
  • when next episodes

    Dipak ChauguleDipak Chaugule23 일 전
  • story was good but it could have ended with changing her perspective. So in the end message goes to society is that every man is same and we always objectify women and all. this is disappointing.

    Vivek BhoirVivek Bhoir23 일 전
  • I have watched some woman like her n man like this

    Yogesh GuptaYogesh Gupta24 일 전
  • The writing has been done keeping a misandrist mindset which is quite sad.

    Antik Sankar MajumderAntik Sankar Majumder25 일 전
  • Only a men whos been cheated by someone talk shit about a girl, bcuz of his experience with a girl not all men

    JupiterJupiter25 일 전
  • Keep it continue

    Md belal SheikhMd belal Sheikh25 일 전
  • Very nice story

    Md belal SheikhMd belal Sheikh25 일 전
  • Bande ne laaj rakh li saray mardo ki

    md mehboobmd mehboob25 일 전
    • 😆😆😆

      SanjeevSanjeev일 전
    • usko aids ka dar tha

      Rajas MishraRajas Mishra2 일 전
    • 😄😄👍

      Nadim AhmadNadim Ahmad10 일 전
    • bhai teri commnet padh kar main jo hasa hu..,kya sahi bat ki tune.

      Nikunj RajgorNikunj Rajgor10 일 전
    • slaam aise bando ko

  • this content is very good but its not mean that u will start this its not a rit way to survive . many up and down has come in life we learn them not do this. ......

    Anil VishvakarmaAnil Vishvakarma25 일 전
  • Actors are very good. Content is also good. And i love the series.

    Amit SharmaAmit Sharma25 일 전
  • Amazing a good knowledge to gather🙏

  • Big thing said men or women must treat as human being. Nice story with great message.

    Priyanshu PathakPriyanshu Pathak26 일 전
  • what the shit , Message these fucking film makers want to spread that every divorcee women should converted into prostitute because life is too harsh for them to live ......wowwww unbelievable ....tumko dusri ki gandi nazro se bachna hai to ye sab shuru krdo ...... Tumko society ke tauntings se bachna hai to ye sab shuru krdo .........its like that tumko daaru peene se bachna hai to tum Beer Bar khol lo.....

    devotee of Hare Krishnadevotee of Hare Krishna26 일 전
  • Writing is too good, people do fantasize. I do. I love the dialogue-movie.

    Kunwar Atul AngKunwar Atul Ang26 일 전
  • beautiful .Allah says in the Quran that I decide on your destiny.Therefore a person should always keep his intention clean.

  • Man was full of dignity...!!!

  • I was wondering why didn't they go together as I see both of them be incomplete... and they could have complete each other.

    Himanshu AgarwalHimanshu Agarwal27 일 전
  • nice web series , you should make other one , these kind of story really hit the society's mindset be a equal . be a human . plzz continue this kind of effort.

    Neeraj Singh rawatNeeraj Singh rawat27 일 전
    • @R KS1994 yaaa

      Neeraj Singh rawatNeeraj Singh rawat15 일 전
    • Absolutely right

      R KS1994R KS199426 일 전
  • If she cares about her soul she would not sell her for her body.

    Naresh KumarNaresh Kumar27 일 전
    • @Naresh Kumar yes..ur right

      shreekala pillaishreekala pillai23 일 전
    • @shreekala pillai mam i particularly now many ladies from my childhood those lost there husbands or those whose husbands where God for nothing but they never opted for such filthy things they managed there life in what so ever little they earn from labours jobs. I salute to those women's not those whom just blame everything man's.

      Naresh KumarNaresh Kumar23 일 전
    • the problem will thousands to sleep with women but same man will never give that money to protect an woman in her hard times...

      shreekala pillaishreekala pillai23 일 전
  • Nice content..👌👌 but..this is how our society has become..all just want one night stand..very few have the respect for the relations they are bonded with...and this is the harsh reality..😞🤐

    Ayushi PriyaAyushi Priya27 일 전
    • Change our society and also things for women

      Sunil NaiSunil Nai16 일 전
    • yaa this mindset install in our minds , and we need as soon as updates , we build our moral science , that is hard but this the need of time

      Neeraj Singh rawatNeeraj Singh rawat27 일 전
  • bakwas movie . Stop trying to justify /glamourise prostitution . She rejected his job offer . lots of divorced /widowed women work hard and raise their children . This movie is trying to play in to the stereotype that single young women are loose . But women like her do fullfil a need and keep rapes down . imagine a India without prostitutes , rapes would be 10 times of now .

    tovino tovinotovino tovino28 일 전
  • What a story! Love it

    Pintoo KumarPintoo Kumar28 일 전
  • 👏👏🙏👌👌🤐😷

    Pràbhakara RaoPràbhakara Rao29 일 전
  • Super story.... thought full...

    S R PandaS R Panda29 일 전
  • इंसान गलत हो सकते है इंसानियत नही Think about it

    funny scenefunny scene29 일 전
  • Iska next episode bna do

    glamour & gemsglamour & gems개월 전
  • Great story, i love that💓

    milan mondalmilan mondal개월 전
  • Just awesome!!

    Bhagwat SorenBhagwat Soren개월 전
  • Awsm story...

    Thomas KiskuThomas Kisku개월 전
  • we want the next story expt

    minul hasanminul hasan9 개월 전
  • Your Editing Is Awesome... Which Software Do You use to edit This videos ? PLEASE Reply

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  • Niceeeeeeeeeee ending

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  • This story very interesting . Pls continue this episode

    gulam patelgulam patel10 개월 전
    • This is not some type of time pass, please think about it.

      Fun TimeFun Time19 일 전
    • What is moral of the story

      Namit SahuNamit Sahu26 일 전
    • This is film bro day and night on earth 💁‍♀️

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  • So difficult Leave this room. I thik losts of people Can't.

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